Robotic Arms
Robotic Arms

Interbotix Robot Arms are perfect for projects ranging from hobby use to higher level education and robotics research. The Interbotix Robotic Arms are designed around the AX DYNAMIXEL robot actuators and driven by the popular Arbotix Robocontroller.The Interbotix line of robot arms gives developers everything needed to start developing robotic arm projects fast and easily. All hardware and electronics are provided along with open source Inverse Kinematics engines and code examples. The Pincher, PhantomX Reactor, and WidowX Robot Arm offer three great levels of choice to fit a wide range of project needs.

Pincher Robot Arm
Price: $379.95 In Stock

    The PhantomX Pincher AX-12 Robot Arm is a 5 degree-of-freedom robotic arm and an easy addition to the TurtleBot ROS robot platform. This hardware kit comes with everything needed to physically assemble and mount the arm as a standalone unit or as an addition to your Turtlebot Robot/mobile platform. Vanadium Labs has developed an ROS stack that makes communication with the robotic arm a breeze. Want to have your TurtleBot interacting with the environment and picking up small objects in no time?...

    PhantomX Reactor Robot Arm Kit PhantomX AX-12 Reactor Robot Arm, Bioloid Robot Arm, AX-12 Robot Arm, Reactor Robot Arm, Dynamixel Robot arm, Robotis Robot Arm, AX-12 Robotic Arm, Dynamixel Robotic Arm
    Price: $549.95 In Stock
    Item #: KIT-RK-REACTOR -

      The PhantomX Reactor Robot Arm is the first in Interbotix Labs' offering of Arbotix based research grade robotic arms.The Reactor Arm was designed with reach and agility in mind, but it still boasts considerable strength for an arm of its size. The PhantomX Reactor Robot Arm was designed with entry-level research and university use in mind, providing one of the highest featured arms on the market today while not breaking one's budget. You will need to sand your gripper for smooth operation,...

      WidowX Robot Arm Kit Mark II WidowX Robot Arm, Dynamixel Arm, Arbotix Arm
      Price: $1,499.95 In Stock
      Item #: KIT-WIDOWX-ARM -

        Download the WidowX Datasheet The WidowX Robot Arm Mark II is the update to Interbotix Labs' entry level arm offering for the MX series of DYNAMIXEL Servos. The Mark II has a few improvements that we've made based upon our own testing as well as customer feedback. We've upgraded the elbow servo from an MX-28 to an MX-64 complete with custom aluminum brackets for added frame strength, replaced the Arbotix with the new Arbotix-M, and streamlined the arm structure to be lighter, simpler, and...

        PhantomX Parallel AX-12 Gripper PhantomX Parallel AX-12 Gripper, Robot Gripper, Dynamixel Gripper, Bioloid Gripper, AX-12 Gripper, AX-12 Claw, Dynamixel Claw, Bioloid Claw, Robot Claw
        Price: $24.95 In Stock
        Item #: ASM-AX-GPR -

          The PhantomX Parallel AX-12 Gripper is a simple and easy-to-build solution for roboticists looking to pick up small objects. The Parallel AX-12 Gripper is a simple parallel actuating manipulator; keeping size, weight, and cost to a minimum and making it perfect for simple applications. Ideal for picking up small, lightweight objects such as sugar cubes, marbles, Legos, eyeballs, and very small badgers. The gripping strength is rated at 500g, and the included foam padding can be added or...

          RobotGeek Snapper Arduino Robotic Arm Arduino Robot arm, hobby Robot Arm, Arudino Robotic Arm, programmable Arduino robot arm, programmable hobby robot arm
          Price: $229.95 In Stock
          Item #: RG-SNAPPER -

            The Snapper Robot Arm is a perfect entry level kit for getting started with Arduino and robotics. This Arduino Robot Arm is aimed at those looking for robot kits for hobby and education. The Snapper is based on the open source Arduino controller and the extremely modular RobotGeek family of parts, sensors, and components. The robot arm can be easily modified and upgraded for many different types of projects. The robot arm kit comes with a control panel allowing user control right out of the...

            RobotGeek Snapper Core Arduino Robot Arm RobotGeek, robot, geek, Snapper, Core, Kit, robotic, arm, robotic arm, Arduino Robot Arm
            Price: $169.95 In Stock
            Item #: RG-SNAPPER-CORE -

              The RobotGeek Snapper Core Kit is the base arm hardware and servos necessary to build a snapper arm, for those who already have a microprocessor board such as a Geekduino/Arduino. If you would like a full kit that contains a microprocessor board and input modules, check out the RobotGeek Snapper Arm Kit. This core kit contains all the arm hardware, including a 120mm Slewing Bearing, RobotGeek 180 degree servos, and all the necessary brackets, mounts, body parts, nuts, bolts, and wires you need...

              RobotGeek Parallel Gripper RobotGeek, Gripper, robot, geek, rgs-13, snapper, arm, arduino, geekduino, parallel, v2
              Price: $34.95 In Stock
              Item #: RG-GRIPPER2 -

                The RobotGeek Parallel Gripper is a simple and easy-to-build solution for roboticists looking to pick up small objects. The RobotGeek Parallel Gripper is a parallel actuating manipulator; keeping size, weight, and cost to a minimum and making it perfect for simple applications. Ideal for picking up small, lightweight objects such as sugar cubes, marbles, Legos, eyeballs, and the occasional stray cheese puff. The included foam padding can be added or removed for different gripper...

                ArbotiX Commander v2.0 Kit arbotix, robot controller, robocontroller, arbotix commander, arduino gamepad
                Price: $59.95 On Hold
                Item #: ASM-ARBX-CMD-V2 -

                  The ArbotiX Commander v2.0 is an Arduino compatible, open-source XBEE-wireless hand-held controller built specifically for controlling ArbotiX/NUKE powered walking robots (but it can be interfaced to virtually any microcontroller or PC). This gamepad style controller comes ready to be setup with the ArbotiX Robocontroller. The ArbotiX Commander v2.0 was meant to be hacked, modified, upgraded, and otherwise tinkered with, and uses a simple serial protocol to interface with other Xbee enabled...

                  RobotGeek Webcam with Mounts webcam, robot webcam, robot vga webcam, bioloid frame camera, bioloid webcam, bioloid camera, robot camera with mounts
                  Price: $29.95 In Stock
                  Item #: ASM-CMRAMNT -

                    Have you ever needed a small, mountable camera for your robot or vision project? Then take a look at the Robot VGA Webcam with Mounts! This tiny webcam will geneate a 640x480px video at 30fps. The Robot VGA Webcam is great for robots of all types and sized, including our Robotic Arms and Turrets. The included mounting plates make attaching the camera to your robot a snap.

                    LifeCam Cinema Webcam - 720p HD (With Mount) Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Webcam  720p HD, HD robot camera, USB robot camera
                    Price: $69.95 In Stock
                    Item #: ASS-CAM-H5D-00001 -

                      The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Webcam - 720p HD is a high resolution advanced USB camera, perfect for use in all robotics projects, pan/tilt robot turrets, and/or with Roborealm. It is Linux-compatible using the Linux UVC Driver. The LifeCam Cinema comes with our custom mounting solution for mounting to the Lynxmotion Pan & Tilt Kit, the Desktop Robot Turret, or your own custom built project. Please Note: The "C" Bracket in the picture is not included. It is only shown to display the...

                      Arbotix Mounting Kit arbotix mount, arbotix mounting plate, arduino mounting plate, arbotix mounting kit
                      Price: $7.95 In Stock
                      Item #: ASS-HW-ARBOTIX-MNT -

                        We held no punches in flexing our supreme engineering capabilities when designing this puppy. Seriously, look at it, it's marvelous. Flawless even. Unadulterated engineering prowess. Some might even call it a work of art. Okay, who are we kidding? It's a plastic square with some mounting holes and additional hardware. What is cool however, is that it allows you to mount an Arbotix Robocontroller to your Turtlebot or various Arbotix-needing project. It's reversible so you can tuck your Arbotix...

                        RobotGeek Webcam with 250mm Gooseneck robot vga webcam with gooseneck, gooseneck, gooseneck mount, robot webcam and mount, 200mm gooseneck, robot camera, flexible hose mount
                        Price: $39.95 In Stock
                        Item #: KIT-GOOSECMRA -

                          Extend your robot's vision even further with the Robot VGA Webcam with 200mm Gooseneck! This kit includes all the contents of the 200mm Gooseneck with the Robot VGA Webcam with Mounts. This gooseneck/camera pair is a great additionn to Robotic Arms like our PhantomX Reactor. This tiny webcam will geneate a 640x480px video at 30fps, making it great for basic computer vision. The included mounting hardware make attaching the gooseneck to your robot a snap. ...