LoCoBot (PyRobot)
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The LoCoBot is 3-5 day lead time The LoCoBot is a mobile manipulator from Carnegie Mellon University and designed to run Facebook AI's PyRobot. PyRobot is an open source, lightweight, high-level interface on top of the robot operating system (ROS). It provides a consistent set of hardware-independent mid-level APIs to control different robots. PyRobot abstracts away details about low-level controllers and interprocess communication so users can focus on building high-level AI robotics...

Turtlebot 2i Mobile ROS Platform turtlebot 2i, turtlebot ros, turtlebot demo, turtlebot mobile ros, moveit rover, rover arm, turtlebot arms, turtlebot2i
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Interbotix Labs, in partnership the Open Source Robotics Foundation, is proud to announce the TurtleBot 2i Mobile Research Robot - a modular ROS-based robotics platform. The TurtleBot 2i is tested and functional at the time of shipping, please do not update any software or install anything upon receiving the Turtlebot. If you have an issue with your Turtlebot after assembly please contact us before moving forward. If anything is updated on the platform we will be unable to assist in getting...

Kobuki YMR-K01-W1 (Turtlebot 2 base)
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Kobuki is an mobile base for open-source research and development purposes. It can be used to quickly and cheaply build research platforms and also provides access to other open source software, including ROS. The result is a product that can very easily utilise existing 3D sensing technologies and navigation algorithms to develop applications for research. Contents1x Kobuki1x Small Battery Pack1x Charger1x USB Cable1x Power Cable ...

Kobuki Docking Station
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The Kobuki docking station has integrated infra-red LEDs allowing the Kobuki base to charge autonomously. Please note: the docking station does not come with a power adapter, it is intended for use with the charging cable that comes with the Kobuki Base.