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Robotics Software Engineering Intern - 2024 Fall/Winter

$25/hr | Full Time | Onsite

Date: 07/11/24


Trossen Robotics is hiring for a Robotics Software Engineering Intern for the 2024 fall/winter term who will be responsible for the design and development of production-grade drivers, modules, and applications for industrial mobile robots or research-grade manipulators.



  • Onboarding off-the-shelf hardware devices by writing driver libraries and ROS controllers

  • Developing and tuning of sensor fusion and state estimation pipelines

  • Development of perception and vision-based applications

  • Improving navigation for mobile bases or motion planning pipelines for manipulators

  • Creation and tuning of controls systems for dynamical systems

  • Defining high-level robot behavior using deliberation technologies like behavior trees

  • Creating simulation environments for rapid testing and iteration

  • Writing internal and public-facing technical documentation


Minimum Requirements:


  • Actively pursuing an advanced degree (MS, PhD) in robotics, computer science, or a related field at the time of the internship

  • At least one year of ROS 2 development experience

  • Fluent in C++ and Python

  • Familiarity with git and GitHub

  • Hands-on work with sensors and actuators including BLDC or Servo Motors, GNSS, IMU, Optical Cameras, Stereo Depth Cameras, and LiDARs

  • Expertise in at least one core area of robotics such as motion planning, sensor fusion, deliberation, kinematics & dynamics, computer vision, or control systems

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

  • Ability to teach yourself and learn new skills on the job




  • Have contributed to open source projects

  • Knowledge of containerization using Docker

  • Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines

  • Experience with NVIDIA’s Jetson platform

  • Simulation experience with Gazebo or Issac Sim

  • Knowledge of embedded programming tools and frameworks

  • Previous usage of debugging and profiling tools

Will you actively be pursuing an advanced degree (PhD, MS) in robotics, computer science, or a related field at the time of the internship?
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