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The DOBOT CR Series of high accuracy, 6 Axis cobot arms with payloads of up to 16kg are ideal for environments where people are nearby with built in collision detection & avoidance. The CR Series is also intended to be far simpler to deploy. Physically pose and capture movements with the touch of a button and record sequences of movements without any programming knowledge. Potential for many different end-effects make the CR Series a versatile automation platform. Visual programming interfaces also make setting up your automation attainable for those with no coding experience.

No Programming Required

Collaborative robots provide a cost-effective, flexible, and safe automation solution for a wide range of production tasks and are intended to be far simpler to deploy than traditional robotics. Simple, easy to use drag and drop interface allows for building of complex movements without previous coding experience.


32,000 Hours of Operation

The DOBOT CR line is rated for 32,000 (roughly 3 ½ years) hours of continuous operation making them extremely durable and cost effective.

Reach 795mm-1525mm

With models ranging from 795mm-1525mm the CR Series cobots are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Repeatability ±0.02mm

The CR Series from DOBOT features a repeatability / accuracy of ±0.02mm making them among the highest accuracy production cobots on the market.

Payload 3kg~16kg

DOBOT CR arms offer a number of different payloads to fit almost any automation scenario, from small parts to loads of up to 16kg (35lbs).

Visual Based Programming

Blockly drag-and-drop GUI interface allows users to build sequences of movement without programming experience.

Manually Pose and Capture

Cobot Arms are intended to be far simpler to deploy than traditional robotics. The CR robots are equipped with a learn feature, users are able to position the arm manually and record locations. These movements can then be refined in the easy to use, drag and drop SCStudio software.

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Video Tutorials

Get started with the DOBOT CR with our tutorials and online videos. Full documentation, examples and instructional videos make setting up your DOBOT CR platform quick and easy even for users with no previous code experience.

Customize end effectors

Wide variety of end tooling available to suit almost any application

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