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Hunter 2.0

Hunter 2.0

By AgileX

Low profile with exceptional capabilities.


Hunter 2.0 Features


IEC Ingress Rating

¹ Optional IP54


Payload Capacity


Top Speed


Climbing Angle


Optional Accessories

Get even more value out of your UGV. Tell us what you need in your quote request.

Extra Battery

Hunter 2.0 comes standard with a 24v 30Ah battery.
You can get an optional 24v 60Ah battery.

Hunter 2.0 Specifications

Hunter 2.0 Technical Drawing


The Documentation
You Need

All UGVs come with access to our documentation repository. There you will find a wealth of knowledge, FAQs, and more to help you implement your project.

Can't find the answers you're looking for. Contact our support department.

The Code
You Need

AgileX provides a GitHub repository for all of their UGVs

GitHub Logo

Documentation and Downloads

User Manual

AgileX Hunter 2.0


CAD Solids

If you need product support, please visit the product support page.

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