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Unitree B2 Research Quad

B2 Quad

By Unitree

An adaptable and easily deployable quad delivering the speed, reliability, and capabilities you need for on-site inspection and security.




Optional Accessories

Get even more value out of your UGV. Tell us what you need in your quote request.

Extra Battery

Add an optional swappable battery to your B2

B2 Infographic
B2 Vs Spot

Unitree B2

Boston Dynamics Spot

Weight: 60kg

Dimensions L: 1098mm | W: 450mm | H: 645mm

Payload Capacity Constant: <40KG

Max Speed 6.0 m/s

Max Slope ±45°

Battery Life Average: 240-360 minutes

Battery Capacity 2250 Wh

Ingress Protection IP67

Weight: 32.7kg

Dimensions L: 1100mm | W: 500mm | H: 610mm

Payload Capacity Constant: 14KG

Max Speed 1.6 m/s

Max Slope ±30°

Battery Life Average: 90 minutes

Battery Capacity 564 Wh

Ingress Protection IP54


Perfect for research and automation tasks like inspection, data capture, and more.

The Unitree B2 and Go2 excel in the areas that matter; strength and endurance.

Full Size Quad

Unitree B2 Research Quad

Unitree B2

The fastest and longest lasting quad on the market.

  • 4-6 Hour Runtime

  • IP67

  • 40kg Continuous Payload

  • 22km/h Top Speed

  • 45° Climbing angle

 Compact Quad

Unitree Go2 Research Quad

Unitree Go2

Three versions available with increasing capabilities.

  • 2-4 Hour Runtime

  • IP67

  • 8kg Continuous Payload

  • 18km/h Top Speed

  • 30-40° Climbing angle

Unitree B2 Specifications

Documentation and Downloads

Unitree B2 App


B2 SDK Development Guide

Application and Interface

Unitree B2 App


Unitree GitHub

Repositories and Packages

If you need product support, please visit the product support page.

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