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App Compatible

Unitree also offers a mobile app feature you can download at their official site. It not only allows you to control a simulator version of the robot, but you can access the camera and manually control it's vision. It is available in 3 different versions (air, Pro, & EDU). It also has 4G technology and companion functionality through the app.


Robot Operating System

ROS support enables autonomous driving development, 3D SLAM mapping & navigation as well as easy integration with additional sensors.


Programming API

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semanticstask automation, and It is commonly used for data analysis, data visualization & task automation.

High-Quality Simulation

Gazebo offers the ability to accurately and efficiently simulate populations of robots in complex indoor and outdoor environments.

Intelligent Side-Follow System

The robot walks alongside its human master within sight of the human,which is much better than the conventional following mode. Besides, the human-machine interaction is both harmonious and safe.No need to worry about the robot since it's right beside you.Capable of helping robot choosing a better route in the complex environment.

Open Source ROS Packages

In-depth documentation

Super Sensory System

Full View Coverage; 5 Sets Fish-Eye Stereo Depth Cameras + AI Post-processing; Lens Angle ~150°×170°.

Robust and Reliable Powertrain

Flexible & Adaptive Joints

  1. The new patented design of ultra-lightweight low-noise long-life power joints.
  2. Body/Thigh Joint C1-8: 520g 23.70N.m (MAX).
  3. Knee Joint C1-8×1.5 ratio 35.55N.m (MAX).
  4. A patented heat pipe-assisted heat dissipation system is built into the vicinity of the knee joint motor.

VSLAM, Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance

Development tools include viz, Gazebo and Nomachine. Communication (Ros) nodes are provided for mapping and navigation. Using computer vision, it can detect certain objects like letters, numbers, and traffic lights. While navigating, it can sense obstacles in its path and plan local paths to avoid it while staying on track.

Unitree (GO1) Models

Specs Go1 Pro Go1 EDU Go1 EDU Plus (2D Lidar) Go1 EDU Plus (3D Lidar)
Weight (With Battery) 12Kg±1Kg 12Kg±1.5Kg 12Kg±1.5Kg 12Kg±1.5Kg
Load Capacity 5kg 5kg 5kg 5kg
Top Speed 3.5m/s 3.5m/s 3.5m/s 3.5m/s
Fisheye Depth Camera 5 Sets 5 Sets 5 Sets 5 Sets
Built-in Controllers None 3 Nvidia Nano 3 Nvidia Nano / 1 Nvidia Jeston Xavier NX 3 Nvidia Nano / 1 Nvidia Jeston Xavier NX
Lidars None None 2D Lidar / Including Navigation Algorithm 3D Lidar / RS-LiDAR-M1
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