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X-Series for Education

Interbotix X-Series arms are made for education and research with support for ROS + ROS2 (Melodic, Noetic, & Galactic), Moveit, Gazebo and MATLABĀ® as well as demos and instructional videos to help get you up and running with your platform in under an hour. The X-Series offers a variety of different models to choose from with options in 4, 5, and 6 degrees of freedom and payloads from 50-750g. All of the X-Series arms operate on the same central open-source code repository. Perfect for the classroom, these platforms are ideal for applications such as vision-based pick & place, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Built for

ROS + ROS2 packages for Melodic, Noetic, and Galactic on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and 20.04 make it easy to get started with the arms. Packages include full meshes and URDFs (including accurate inertial models for the links), driver nodes that control the physical robot arm and publish joint states, as well as Gazebo and MoveIt support. Examples are also included to show users how the core packages work.


Motion Planning Framework

Out-of-the box visual demonstrations in Rviz allow new users experimentation with various planning algorithms around obstacles via motion planning, manipulation, 3D perception, kinematics, control and navigation.


High Quality Simulation

Gazebo offers the ability to accurately and efficiently simulate populations of robots in complex indoor and outdoor environments.

Analysis, Graphics & Programming

MATLABĀ® combines a desktop environment tuned for iterative analysis and design processes with a programming language that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly.

Open Source Packages

In-depth documentation, tutorial videos and more!

High-performance smart servos

High-performance networked actuators featuring fully integrated DC Motor + Reduction Gear + Controller and driver in a compact DC servo module. The X-Series actuators offer higher torque, more efficient heat dissipation and better durability all at a smaller form factor over previous DYNAMIXEL servos. The X-Series motors offer multiple feedback and control methods including PID Gain Control, Profile Control and Data Feedback.

Vision / Pick & Place

The Interbotix vision kit is a quick and simple way to add vision processing to any of the Interbotix X-Series arms. Identify and sort objects by color, point cloud size or position. Use the manipulator to automate tasks based on visual input. Perfect for pick & place, AI and machine learning applications.

Customize end effectors

The X-Series gripper carriages are designed for users to quickly and easily change the gripper fingers for different projects. CAD files for the gripper are available for download. If you can design and 3D print, the customization is endless.

Video Tutorials

Videos designed to get users familiarized with important concepts quickly, demos and videos are available for: Gazebo simulation, Moveit motion planning and API, perception pipeline configuration, Python demos and more.

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