The DOBOT CR Series of high accuracy, 6 Axis cobot arms with payloads of up to 16kg are ideal for environments where people are nearby with built in collision detection & avoidance. The CR Series is also intended to be far simpler to deploy. Physically pose and capture movements with the touch of a button and record sequences of movements without any programming knowledge. Potential for many different end-effects make the CR Series a versatile automation platform. Visual programming interfaces also make setting up your automation attainable for those with no coding experience.

Interbotix X-Series arms are made for education and research with support for ROS (Melodic, Noetic), Moveit, Gazebo and MATLABĀ® as well as demos and instructional videos to help get you up and running with your platform in under an hour. The X-Series offers a variety of different models to choose from with options in 4, 5 and 6 degrees of freedom and payloads from 50-750g. All of the X-Series arms operate on the same central open-source code repository. Perfect for the classroom, these platforms are ideal for applications such as vision-based pick & place, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Full line of rugged UGV / AGV for autonomous driving, academic research, agriculture management, geographic surveying industries, and more. The AgileX UGVs are supported by open-source software: ROS, Gazebo and CAN (A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) and come in a variety of chassis and drive options. Development kits create adding even more capabilities include GPS navigation, SLAM Navigation and autonomous navigation.